New ‘Video Security’ iPad App from Bosch for unparalleled remote access to HD video surveillance

Bosch redefines HD surveillance with the introduction of its new ‘Video Security’ iPad App

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The new app supports the access even at limited bandwidth internet connections by using Dynamic Transcoding Technology.

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With this additional remote functionality Bosch is the first provider of such an instant access solution for HD video surveillance. The combination of app and hardware solution enables a unique user experience.

The app allows connecting to any Bosch H.264 SD/HD camera via the Dynamic Transcoding Technology using a transcoder unit. It is configured to give complete control of all cameras, including panning, tilting, zoom and focus functions from Bosch PTZ cameras. Moreover, it supports forensic search by IVA technology (Intelligent Video Analysis) for object protection based on object entering field, line crossing and any motion within selected time period. Having found an event or a point of interest, pausing the replay causes Instant Detail Enhancement to present the full HD image in its original recording quality.

One of the key benefits of the app is the continuous synchronizing of available bandwidth and image quality so that the user always gets the best image quality that the available internet connection can provide.

The app further features full playback functionality with intuitive jog-dial controls and a timeline with integrated alarm list and thumbnail preview. In order to process with the captured material the app allows to send video snapshots via e-mail or to save them to the photo library. Furthermore, video clips can be exported to FTP servers or Dropbox cloud based storage solution. To meet the highest security standards, the app provides the user with a password protection and features a secure SSL connection between app and transcoder.

Currently, the Video Security App requires a Bosch VideoJet XTC transcoder or a VideoJet X20/X40 XF encoder with firmware 5.60 or better. Future updates are in planning to support more Bosch video-over-IP products.

The new App will be available November 30th in the App Store.

For more information visit www.boschsecurity.com/hdsecurityredefined

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Samsung Launch License Free Network Video Surveillance Software

Samsung has introduced Samsung Security Manager, a license-free video surveillance management software platform designed to enable its customers to gain maximum benefit from their investment in the company’s network cameras, encoders, DVRs and NVRs

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Samsung Security Manager’s client-server architecture allows for up to 1,152 cameras installed across any number of buildings or sites to be centrally managed, whilst live or recorded images captured by any of the cameras can be monitored by authorised users from anywhere on a network.

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Tim Biddulph, IP Product Manager for Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd, said: "The development of our IP network range is now at a stage where it can offer customers a one-stop solution for IP network based security solutions. With this is mind it is obviously important that the functionality of our video surveillance management software makes it possible for customers to take full advantage of the ground breaking technology which we have built into our network cameras and recording solutions"

One of the keys features of Samsung Security Manager (SSM) is its intuitive graphical user interface which allows an operator to choose a display configuration which best matches the number of cameras they need to monitor at any one time. Each configuration, which can include various split screen options in 4:3 or 16:9 display format, can be named and saved for future use.

click for website Building or site maps can be imported which can be overlaid with icons representing the locations of installed cameras. The icons can be set up to pop-up if there is a related alarm event, allowing an operator to quickly select and monitor live images from the camera which is nearest to the incident, whilst at the same time having the option to retrieve recorded video of what may have occurred before the alarm was triggered. A real-time event viewer provides an event log which can include a single channel preview as well as comments entered by an operator.

The event log, which can be sorted by camera number or event type, can be exported in Excel/PDF format to be used if necessary as evidence.

SSM’s graphical user interface also makes it very easy to register new devices, whilst the software support ‘health checks’ and allows for automatic upgrade of any Samsung device on the network.

Tim Biddulph said: "SSM is an excellent example of how Samsung is focussing on what is important to our customers. Superseding our Net-i Viewer software, license-free SSM is packed full of features, such as full activity logging, normally associated with commercially available video management software"

For more information visit www.samsungsecurity.com

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AMG Launches Multi-Service Ethernet Switch Series at Intersec 2013

AMG9000A series bridges IP and analogue technology and reduces both equipment and infrastructure requirements

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AMG, the British manufacturer of sophisticated 5 Megapixel cameras and CCTV transmission solutions, will be launching a new series of ruggedised Multi-Service Ethernet Switches at Intersec 2013, which takes place from January 15-17 in Dubai, UAE.

The new series not only provides Layer 2 Managed Ethernet functionality, it also supports integration of low-speed Input/Output.

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The new series not only provides Layer 2 Managed Ethernet functionality, it also supports integration of low-speed Input/Output. This allows Serial Ports, Alarm Contacts, Audio Devices and Analogue Video to be connected directly to the switch without any additional hardware.

Click for the website... Sara Bullock, Sales & Marketing Director of AMG Group, says: "We have developed the AMG9000A range to provide a hybrid product that bridges the gap between analogue and IP transmission technologies. Historically, I/O requirements have been dealt with through the use of third party Serial Port, Audio and Contact-closure I/O servers. This often resulted in a disparate, multi-vendor product mix, with its inherent issues of product configuration and integration. The new AMG9000A series offers a common web-browser interface to manage the configuration of all aspects of the device; Ethernet as well as serial ports, audio ports and Alarm I/O. You can either configure as point-to-point circuits or as virtual circuits if you are working with a Management System. Working through a web browser takes away a lot of the previous hassle and makes the configuration secure, simple and easy to work with"

The new switches support 10/100/1000Mbit/s data rates and operate over either CATx cables or fibre cables (using SFP’s). They’re compact, flexible and easy to work with. AMG9000A also offers the benefit of Spanning Tree and Rapid Spanning Tree protocols as well as IGMP functionality to deal with multicast traffic which is commonly used in IP CCTV deployments. On-board PoE provides power to 802.3 compliant devices as well as data to edge-of-network devices.

AMG9000A features:

Compliant with all IEEE 802.3 variants(u/ab/x/z)
Compliant with all relevant Safety and EMC standards
Dual Speed SFP Combo (100M and 1000M)
Supports Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol and IGMP Snooping
Port trunk functionality available with LACP
LED indicators
‘Plug-and-play’ installation
Extended operating temperature compared with industry equivalents -40°C to +70°C
On-board PoE
Easy to maintain

click to visit website AMG will be on Stand 2-416 C at Intersec 2013

For more information on AMG9000A, contact
or visit www.amgsystems.com

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KL Tower Selects Surveon's End-to-End Megapixel Solutions to Ensure 24x7 Monitoring in Open Areas

The Kuala Lumpur (KL) Tower is a famous landmark and the highest building in Malaysia

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With more and more visitors, traditional analogue cameras and DVR solutions were no longer able to meet its video surveillance needs, and the KL Tower authority started to look for an advanced system to tighten up the public security.

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Mohd Salim Ghonah of Vims Technology, the security project manager for the KL Tower, said: "The extremely complicated integration and verification tasks, among all, not only consume many invisible resources, but also contain other potential risks of integration"

The other crucial issues in this project were the widely distributed network areas, scalable architecture and maintenance issues. In addition, the data retention of recorded videos and the end-to-end, robust support for hundreds of megapixel cameras were particularly important to the planning and acceptance of the governmental public utilities.

The I/O and Storage Performance for 32 Cameras



I/O (Mbps)

Storage 14 Days

Storage 28 Days




2.4 TB

5.2 TB




7.3 TB

15.5 TB

1.3 Megapixel



19.4 TB

41.5 TB

2 Megapixel



29 TB

62.2 TB


Surveon’s 3 megapixel IP cameras were installed at the crucial points and areas of the tower to more efficiently monitor the premises and people coming in and going out: CAM3365 fixed bullet for day and night usage, and CAM4365 fixed dome for outdoor surveillance.

Network video recording is handled by Surveon’s NVR2000 enterprise NVR, which offers up to 48 channels of megapixel recording and 36 hard drives for 120 days of video content storage. Surveon’s iSCSI-based RAID NVR provides scalable architecture which brings lower maintenance effort, fewer required hard disks and lower cost.

Surveon enterprise Central Management Software is built with client-server architecture and adopts central management style, which is also easily scalable. Its active VI detection function has a pre-configured base for a number of scenarios, such as intrusion detection in and around the tower, examination of important gates and detection at parking lots. The smart investigation feature distinguishes what is important from what is not, turning raw surveillance videos into useful information. The recorded events are analyzed and labeled with details such as time, date, direction, color and size of the objects.

Surveon’s clustered video surveillance solutions come with the SANwatch storage monitoring suite which helps the customers easily manage and monitor the status of their storage systems. The data protection functions provided by SANwatch storage monitoring suite ensure highest availability of recorded videos and events; no data loss is allowed.

Ghonah said: "Surveon’s full end-to-end integration, from cameras and NVR to enterprise VMS and storage that supports up to 300TB, helps us manage the project in a most efficient way and brings the lowest risk"

click to visit website Visit Surveon on Stand 2-727C at Intersec 2013
from 15-17 January 2013 in Dubai

For more information visit

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Axxon Next blows away the competition in Benchmark Magazine’s independent testing

Axxon Next, the new video management software (VMS) platform from AxxonSoft, has received rave reviews, taking first place in comparison testing by Benchmark Magazine

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Benchmark Magazine performed independent testing of VMS solutions in its October and November issues.

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Alongside Axxon Next, the testers carefully examined the other leading VMS options on the market worldwide: Milestone XProtect Express, Exacq Exacqvision, Digifort Enterprise and Luxriot Advanced.

The testing categories were features and functions, installation and use, video management, and security performance. Axxon Next swept the field, taking top marks in every category.

Reviewers at Benchmark Magazine were impressed by the features of Axxon Next. One of the features unique to AxxonSoft's offering is automatic detection of connected IP devices: Axxon Next recognized practically all cameras tested, except for a few which were recognized as standard ONVIF devices and required manual configuration. The closest competitor recognized only half of the cameras attempted.

Other standout features were Time Compressor, for quickly reviewing archive events; the powerful video analytics included for free with every license, and MomentQuest2, a system for forensic search of video archives.

As Benchmark Magazine found: "After spending some time working with MomentQuest2, it is certainly worth paying for"

Alone among the features of Axxon Next, MomentQuest2 is not included with the free version of Axxon Next, but rather is available as an optional paid add-on. All other features are included in all system licenses.

Another key feature of Axxon Next, as the magazine found, is its well thought-out user interface, which offers quick access to a wide range of options, even in the free version.

Benchmark Magazine's praise continues: "It sounds odd, and is a different approach, but it works well and it allows 16:9 and 4:3 images to coexist without any compromise on layout. With the VMS package being free of charge for up to 16 inputs, you do find yourself expecting a limitation or two to crop up, but they don't (accepting the lack of MomentQuest2 and the 1 TB archive limit)"

Summarizing their findings, the magazine pronounced Axxon Next the most refined, feature-rich VMS contender and deemed it "something of a line in the sand for VMS options".

Benchmark added: "It packages together a clean and intuitive interface with a good degree of functionality and flexibility. Whilst it is free of charge for single-server 16 camera applications (albeit without the forensic search function and with an archive limitation of 1 TB), even adding the license fee for MomentQuest2 plus any additional channels still makes it stand out as the value proposition for credible video management"

In fact, Axxon Next did so well that the testing was not quite fair to its big-name competitors ~ almost: "In reality, the inclusion of Axxon Next in the test did reduce the overall ratings of the other products, because it offers pretty much everything most sites meeting our specification will need!"

Murat Altuev, President of AxxonSoft, commented: "Emerging victorious in head-to-head testing against the most popular systems, performed by a prestigious security-industry publication, is just the icing on the cake. It confirms that we have chosen the right direction in designing Axxon Next. Our company believes that video management software has to support all the features offered by modern IP equipment. At the same time, it has to have its own powerful video analytics and be easy to use. Nobody should have to shy away from a VMS because of it seeming too complicated. All internal complexities aside, an industry-leading VMS has to be as user-friendly as possible"

The online versions of the October and November issues with the test results are available on the Benchmark Magazine website.

For more information visit www.axxonnext.com

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China’s Video Surveillance Equipment Market Maintains Momentum

In its fifth edition report on the Chinese video surveillance market, IMS Research estimated that the market was worth $2.6 billion in 2011, an increase of more than 30 percent over 2010

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A key driver of this growth was the network security camera market.

City surveillance and transportation are the largest end-user industries in China. However, as economic growth slowed in 2011, investment in city surveillance also declined. In the second half of 2011, a number of high-speed railway construction projects were stopped or delayed due to financing difficulties caused by the global financial crisis. As a result, growth in the analog video surveillance equipment market started to slacken.

Cheryl Li, report author and research analyst at IMS Research comments: "Due to the increasing demand for high resolution images, network security products, especially network cameras, gained market share in 2011. In fact, network camera revenue increased 130 percent in 2011. In addition, the growth also benefited from the increasing number of participants in the market. It should be noted that competition also reduced pricing, which is an important element in the market"

Li continues: "High definition is a definite trend for the video surveillance market in China over the next few years. Besides network security products, HD-SDI products also gained greater attention. However, HD-SDI products are still expensive, and lack of a complete HD solution in the market. As a result, we estimated that it only had limited shipments in 2011"

China’s GDP growth is targeted at 7.5 percent for 2012, marking the first time the figure has dropped below 8 percent in the past eight years. However, the government is continuing its investment in the western area, which may create new opportunities in end-user industries, such as city surveillance, airports and railways. In this latest China video surveillance market research, IMS Research forecasts that the market will grow at a relatively high compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20 percent over the next five years.

For more information please call Niall Jenkins on +1 512 302 1977 or visit www.imsresearch.com

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